About Us

Aviciado is a story that has started from the heart and has entered us with the most beautiful leather bands and ideas. This is how our brand was born, a different approach to handmade natural leather products, unique concepts with accents and customized details.

Our workshops refine the leather, giving it shapes and symbols. The products are born through traditional processing, with care and love, so that our clients are those people who want to stand out, making "different" choices. You wear an Aviciado product and in it you will find your story, the perfume that shapes your personality, color and refinement of character.

Our concept exists since 2012 and has been enriched with portfolio expansion, accumulated experiences, feedback and ideas from you.

Customizing wishes, translating them into leather products with different functionalities. We honor orders and we try to make every product unique, a story in itself. Each piece of leather contains the key to a mystery, the flavor of the person who wants it, the one who chooses the color and the dream pattern.

The wrist wallet is the concept that personalized us from the beginning. Our craftsmen use the finest and smoothest leather purchased from the renowned Italian tanners to create your stories!

Avicioado was born from the heart for those who love stories and are the children of their own imagination!


Blogger on Fashion 
You and Aviciado on the catwalk!

Do you have a fashion blog and desire to experience Aviciado’s atmosphere ?

It is possible for you to belong to our world:

Let us know your concepts and we may begin working together; therefore, you might have the chance to discover our items and market them, simultaneously raising your blog’s visits.



Gifts and products

Selecting a high-end item can assist to improve the image of your firm by setting up the connection between Aviciado and your brand.

We've been providing our products to a lot of significant firms, both private and public, customizing the items, messages, symbols and using also their Logo.

Manufactured by Aviciado

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your company, your division, your board, your strategic partners or your department we can create the right fit for your needs. Giving Aviciado is a great way to give a top quality gift that will be appreciated and used.

We can create custom leather products at nearly every price point. All gifts are available in large and small quantities and volume pricing may apply.

Go the extra mile and add your company logo to your Aviciado leather products. Adding your company logo to our fine italian leather is a great way to give the perfect gift at your next corporate event. Contact our customer service today and see how we can add your company logo to your Aviciado purchase.

If you’d like to give Aviciado, give us a call or send us an email.


Genuine Verification

Protecting the Aviciado Brand against counterfeit and grey market activity is very important, which is the reason why we are taking action against counterfeiters worldwide, checking domestic and global markets for manufacturers and sellers of trademark-infringing counterfeit cartridges and patent-infringing clone/compatible products. Aviciado is dedicated to ensuring that its customers are purchasing and using genuine Aviciado supplies. All our products come with the original code card. By entering the digits code found inside the package, the authenticity of the product can be 100% verified.